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Welcome to Maxicare Dental, formerly known as Dental Members Warana, home to Sunshine Coast dentists, Dr. Paula Niccoli, and Dr. Richardi Niccoli. Our dentists and their team offer patients 40 years of combined experience in creating healthier smiles. With a special interest in complex restorations and creating strong, functional bite balance, Drs Paula and Richardi Niccoli are able to provide results that last. We want you to enjoy the benefits of quality dental care, backed by effective technology and skills.

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Life-Changing, Experienced Dentistry in Warana, Queensland

Our dentists have always been interested in health care and working with others. Through dentistry, our team is able to change lives and create lasting smiles. Our commitment to care allows patients to enjoy healthy teeth and improved confidence. Whether your teeth have been broken and damaged or restorative treatment is needed to improve function and aesthetics, Maxicare Dental offers services to help.

Our broad range of dental procedures includes:

• Teeth Whitening
• Gum Disease Treatment
• Dental Implants
• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Dental Crowns

Patients can expect quality dentistry with a commitment to comprehensive care at Maxicare Dental. Dr. Paula Niccoli and Dr. Richardi Niccoli have studied in advanced treatment processes to best serve patients whose teeth have been worn-down or damaged over time. We create better aesthetics and overall oral health with every treatment plan.

What Sets our Practice Apart

We are truly passionate about what we do. Honesty and caring treatment are part of our promise to each patient we see. This philosophy is apparent in all of our treatments, from routine teeth cleaning to services for teeth replacement and smile restoration. Our dentists and team are highly trained and experienced in offering patients modern treatment techniques supported by current technology, including advanced dental imaging and precise tools. Dr. Paula Niccoli and Dr. Richardi Niccoli and team make sure to only provide what’s best for the patient and do not attempt to talk patients into unnecessary procedures. We are transparent about what treatments will help you regain dental health and achieve your expectations.

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