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Dentures & Partial Dentures

Denture Services on the Sunshine Coast

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Maxicare Dental is committed to providing patients with options to meet their needs. If you have teeth missing from your smile, we provide fixed and removable dentures in Warana, Queensland. Our dentures services are designed to match your comfort and lifestyle.

Your dentures can be functional and aesthetic. To learn more about teeth replacement on the Sunshine Coast, contact Drs. Niccoli and their team for your consultation. Dentures

Full Dentures and Flexible Partials

Whether they are made to cover a full dental arch, or are customized partials to replace just a few teeth, traditional dentures are some of the most affordable prosthetics available. Receiving full and partial dentures does not involve invasive surgery or extensive care. Impressions are taken of dental arches and your prosthetics are fabricated to fit securely. Maxicare Dental provides:

• Full Upper and Lower Removable Dentures
• Metal-Framed Partials
• Flexible Plastic Partial Dentures

With modern options for teeth replacement that extend to smooth and flexible plastic partials, we ensure your satisfaction.  Drs. Richardi and Paula Niccoli and their team work with dependable materials so your new teeth look and feel great.  If you’re looking for quick and cost-effective teeth replacement, our denture services are the right fit for you.

Immediate Dentures and Same-Day Denture Repair

Whenever possible, we make sure your treatment is delivered quickly while upholding our quality standards. If your denture is ever broken, damaged, or no longer fits comfortably, we provide same-day turn around for repairs.

If you have many damaged and failing teeth in your smile that need to be extracted, immediate denture services can be a part of your treatment plan. The same day that damaged teeth are removed from your smile, you will be provided with an aesthetic set of new teeth; you never have to go without the appearance of a full and healthy smile.

Permanent Dentures with Implants

DenturePatients who are looking for the latest in lasting denture treatment are welcomed at our practice for permanent dentures in the Sunshine Coast. By adding a few implants posts to your jaw structure, dentures can be affixed securely for improved chewing and aesthetics.

Implant dentures work best for patients who have healthy bone and who are generally able to complete oral surgery. These restorations should be considered a positive investment in your dental health and confidence, one that will repay you in significant lifestyle improvements. You can once again eat all of your favorite foods and do not have to worry about loose dentures. These implant-supported teeth are particularly popular for patients with lower-arch full dentures.

For more information about available denture services in Warana and the Sunshine Coast, contact our practice today or conveniently schedule an appointment online today!

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