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Periodontal Disease

Maxicare Dental – Sunshine Coast Gum Disease Treatment

By providing gum treatments on the Sunshine Coast, our dentists help patients get on the right track for strong and lasting smiles. If your gums are puffy, bleed while brushing, or if you have noticed tissue recession, it’s time to seek immediate treatment.

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Why Gum Disease Treatments are Important

Many people are tempted to disregard gum disease since it is so widespread. However, periodontal problems left to progress cause significant damage to teeth, jaws, and even body systems. Gum disease is a factor in and contributor to diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure. Whole body health is tied to your oral health, which is why the condition of your gums is important to consider.

You can’t have a strong and healthy smile if you are exhibiting signs of soft tissue infection. Our dentists are invested in patients’ well-being and provide gum treatments to ensure they feel healthy. With comprehensive care, your breath will be fresh, your teeth will remain strong, and your smile will look beautiful for years to come.  

Periodontal Care in Warana

Removing bacteria that contribute to infection and keeping your smile clear of plaque and debris are vital to gain improved gum health and maintain positive results. At Maxicare Dental, we treat gum disease in the following ways:

Root Scaling and Planing (Debridement): Mild to moderate gum disease can be treated with non-surgical procedures.  When areas below the gum line become collection sites for plaque and bacteria, root scaling and planing is used to thoroughly clean and encourages healthy soft tissue reattachment. This process also involves smoothing the roots of teeth so bacteria are less likely to accumulate there. 

Frequent Maintenance Routine: When treatment has been completed, patients are placed on a regimen of dental cleanings once every three months. This allows our dentists to keep close tabs on your oral health and ensure symptoms of infection are not reappearing. Once gums are in good condition overall, you can return to a standard twice yearly cleaning schedule. 

Enjoy Better Gum Health – Contact our Dentists for Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease presents itself in the form of persistent bad breath, inflamed tissue, and the appearance of elongated teeth due to recession. While troubling, many of these symptoms can be reversed and your health restored with comprehensive gum care. Contact Maxicare Dental for more information about gum disease treatment on the Sunshine Coast.

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