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Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

Dental Crowns from Maxicare Dental

At Maxicare Dental, we provide dental crowns as a part of many treatment plans for cosmetic and restorative care. Not only do these prosthetics improve the lifespan of previously damaged teeth, they allow your smile to look healthy and attractive.

If you’re in need of a dental crown on the Sunshine Coast, contact our practice today to learn more about what our treatment options can do for you.

Conservative Dental Restorations in Warana

Dental crowns are a common and dependable restoration used to protect damaged and decayed teeth. However, they are also a full-coverage prosthetic, which requires removing much of the tooth’s natural enamel before they are cemented in place. While this is necessary in instances of severe decay, it may not be ideal if your tooth is only moderately damaged.

To keep healthy tooth structures untouched, Dr. Niccoli and his team provides conservative treatment with ¾ dental crowns, also called an inlay or onlay. These restorations replace only specific damaged dental enamel and look like large fillings or puzzle pieces.

Implant Dental Crowns: Single Tooth Replacement

When a whole tooth is failing, after multiple root canals or untreated decay, or has been completely knocked-out by physical trauma, dental crowns attach to implants create lasting tooth replacements.

A dental implant is placed into the bone at the site of the lost tooth as a substitute for natural roots. A crown is then added to the top of the post to re-create the effect of a healthy tooth. Used in combination with implant dentistry, dental crowns provide seamless and durable replacements for lost teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns and Your Treatment Options

Dr. Niccoli and his team uses dental crowns at their Sunshine Coast practice to treat a variety of problems, including cracked, broken, and decayed teeth. Crowns allow for the preservation of healthy tooth structures, minimizing the risk for tooth failure and further damage to the enamel. In the end, keeping as much of your tooth as possible and avoiding extraction is best for lasting health.

At Maxicare Dental, your crown is fabricated from materials that match your goals for durability and aesthetics. If you have a heavy bite or a large space in your tooth, metal based crowns with an overlay of tooth-colored material create the right balance of natural appeal and strength.  For patients who request them, gold dental crowns can also be provided. While these crowns have become less prevalent in favor of tooth-colored materials, they are some of the strongest restorations available.

Broken or Decayed Teeth? Ask us about Dental Restorations

Your smile can be repaired to full health and aesthetics with dental crowns in Warana and the Sunshine Coast from Dr. Niccoli and his team. If there are damaged teeth in your smile, contact us today to learn more about your options for lasting dental restorations. Click here for payment options.

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