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Dental Implants

Sunshine Coast Implant Placement and Restoration 

Missing teeth don’t have to impair your confidence or your ability to enjoy your favourite foods. With dental implants in Warana provided by Dr. Niccoli and his team, patients who have spaces in their smiles caused by tooth loss can achieve renewed appearance and oral health.

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Convenient, Full-Service Dental Implant Treatment

Implant restorationsReplacing missing teeth with implants is a multi-step process that can involve visiting specialists’ locations, as well as your general dentist, before care is complete. While Maxicare Dental can refer patients to dental specialists, we offer the services of a visiting dentist that comes directly to you while you are at our practice.

Our implant dentist has special training in precise placement of these permanent teeth and visits on-demand, depending on what works best for your schedule. This approach to teeth replacement makes the entire process more economical and accommodating for our patients.

Improving your Smile with Multiple and Single Implants

Whether you’ve lost a tooth due to injury or are missing most of your natural teeth from life-long dental problem, there is an implant treatment plan to help. At Maxicare Dental, Dr. Niccoli and his team offer:

Single Implants with Crowns - Placement of a single implant post is many patients’ preferred method of teeth replacement. As dental bridges require capping otherwise healthy teeth, a dental implant is a stand-alone prosthetic that does not affect other teeth.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges - Multiple missing teeth pose a challenge to health and aesthetics. Removable partial dentures fill in gaps but aren’t functional or comfortable in many circumstances. Adding two dental implant posts and using them to support a set of fake teeth is a stable, functional, and natural-looking way to achieve a full smile.

Fixed Dentures - Implants are the perfect complement to full dentures. Similar to the method of attaching teeth described above, full-arch implant dentures utilize two or more implants to stabilize your smile. Your existing dentures can even be modified to attach to dental implants.

Our implant-supported teeth are usually fabricated from zirconia, because of its strength, and are layered with e.max® for aesthetics, especially when it comes to Dental Implantsreplacing front teeth. Results provided by dental implants are life-changing; patients dealing with varying levels of tooth loss can finally smile confidently and chew again on their back teeth, even if they’ve been living without teeth for years.

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If you’re struggling with loose dentures or ineffective teeth replacements, dental implants provide a comfortable and permanent alternative. Contact Dr. Niccoli and his team at Maxicare Dental today to find out if you’re a candidate for this long-lasting treatment. Click here to view our payment options.


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