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Cosmetic Dental Care on the Sunshine Coast

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At Maxicare Dental, our passion is creating smiles that allow patients to feel confident in their appearances. If your smile has been affected by accidental trauma or long-standing dental problems, our Sunshine Coast cosmetic dentist, Dr. Richardi Niccoli, and his team provide the care needed to restore your smile to its natural beauty and strength.

To learn more about how our cosmetic dental procedures can meet your expectations for bright and healthy teeth, contact Dental Members Warana today for a consultation. 

Treatment for Discolored Teeth: Whitening with Veneers and Bleach

Dental enamel is strong and can remain white over the years with proper care. But if you regularly drink wine or coffee, smoke, or take certain medications, you may have noticed that your smile appears dull and yellow. Natural thinning of the enamel as we age also affects your smile by making teeth look gray. Cosmetic procedures to correct these issues include teeth whitening and tooth-colored dental veneers.

To learn more about take-home bleaching kits, same-day dental whitening, or indirect and direct veneers, contact our practice.

Natural-Looking Restorations for Chipped, Cracked, and Broken Teeth

Sudden dental trauma is a common occurrence, whether you’ve taken a spill or bitten into something hard and broken off a piece of a tooth. Sometimes your teeth can be knocked out entirely. While enamel is indeed strong, wear on teeth or accidental injuries happen, making care for improved appearance and function a necessity.

In the event of physical damage to tooth structures, Dr. Niccoli and his team offer completely tooth-colored and all-white dental fillings, crowns, and bridges. 

Replacing Unattractive Restorations with Aesthetic Options

Metal-based crowns and amalgam fillings are sturdy and long-lasting, but they are not the most attractive option for repairing spots of decay and restoring teeth to full health and beauty. Dental Members Warana removes aged and unnatural looking prosthetics, replacing them with completely tooth-colored and aesthetic versions. These blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Ask our cosmetic dentist about replacements for old fillings and failing metal dental caps.

Cosmetic Dentistry on the Sunshine Coast - Visit Maxicare Dental

We are committed to treating you to the smile you deserve. Our team customizes treatment to achieve the best possible results, whether your teeth have become yellowed and discolored over time or teeth are damaged and capped with old restorations. Our practice is here to help. Contact Dr. Richardi Niccoli and the team at his cosmetic dental practice to learn more about what results are possible with your individualized care plan.

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